Image of Manda Nordes
Manda Nordes (she/her)

Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments with experience in California’s Central Valley. Graduated from San Francisco State University with an M.A. in SpEd- V.I.

Who is the Joyful TVI?

Fueled by a passion for the field and the families she has served, Manda Nordes created the Joyful TVI in order to create community, connection, and offer parents and educators resources to support their students who are blind or visually impaired.

Manda believes in empowering parents as a child’s first teacher and greatest advocates. She also believes in engaging in a community of practice within the field. Working in collaboration with a dear friend and colleague, Manda has offered presentations to various professional conferences centered on the topic of sexual health education and consent, as well as sharing tips she learned in a year of distance learning as a technology lab teacher.

Currently, Manda volunteers with the FAPE Committee to draft new legislation around the Expanded Core Curriculum and to encourage equity in education.

What Do I Do?






County Office of Education
(2016 – 2020)
Teacher of students with visual impairments. Emphasis on comprehensive, collaborative assessments and tying IEP goals to the Expanded Core Curriculum and state standards. Instruction in UEB and Nemeth. Created opportunities for student and parent engagement through afterschool and weekend activities.

California School for the Blind (2020 – 2021)
Technology Lab Teacher through distance learning. Supported teachers, parents, and students in skills related to access to technology through targeted lessons in small group and individual sessions. Developed training focusing on basic skills parents and support staff should know in order to help with technology access.

Early Intervention Vision Specialist
Provides specialized services to families of young children with vision impairments. Creates lesson plans, provides resources, support & training to helps parents advocate for themselves and their children.